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 Autism / Assitive Technology App Create your own picture and sound dictionary for special kids. Can be used as a communication device.This app does not come with words since this is vocabulary for each special child. The app has the functionality to add your own words with audio and picture and organize the words under group names.



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  Archive of Michigan Historical Letters.  
 Computer Sales Service and Repair Rent Buy or Sell Texbooks .  



Superior Text Books: App designed for Superior Text Books for their vendors.



iDribble: Take your game to the next level with iDribble-Basketball! iDribble-Basketball features 5 predetermined workouts, each 2.5 to 3 minutes in length. Each workout focuses on one type of dribbling drill intended to help you dribble faster and stronger. Watch the example video while doing each drill. Full version includes "customize" option, which allows you to create your own workout by choosing any combination of dribbling drills for 1-4 rounds.